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Eco-tours SA is a well-established South African Specialist Tour Operator based in Cape Town, South Africa, the most beautiful city in the world and renowned as the “Gateway to Africa”. From here we conduct authentic Wilderness and Eco-Cultural Safari Adventure Tours and Travel Experiences all over Southern Africa exclusively tailored to your specific needs.

The Company is an approved Tour Operator, registered with South African Tourism (SATOUR) and is also an accredited member of Western Cape and Cape Town Tourism Authorities. Our Tour Guides and Rangers are all registered with and approved by SATOUR and we only employ experienced, specialist South African Tour Guides and Rangers who comply with our exacting standards and strict Code of Conduct.

We at Eco-tours SA are dedicated to Ecotourism and concur with The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) definition that Ecotourism is responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people and we undertake to adhere to these principles. We are proud of our role in actively promoting responsible and sustainable Ecotourism in Southern Africa and for this reason, Eco-tours SA is recognised as a Leader in the field of Ecotourism. As a result, when touring with us, you support not only nature conservation, but also the sustainable economic upliftment of the various local communities that you will meet on your travels. In this way you play a vital role in helping us to conserve this small fragment of our planet.

The Tours we offer are unique, authentic and exclusive and comprise of carefully considered and selected itineraries. Through constant research into producing innovative and diverse Ecotour Packages, we ensure that you are given the very best opportunities to experience the finest of Southern Africa’s natural and cultural heritage and to enjoy the warm hospitality that is inherently African. we are here to guide you on how to get the very best from your South African Odyssey.

Our tours tend to venture "off the beaten track" and mostly deviate from traditional tourist routes, passing through environmentally sensitive wilderness areas with abundant wild animals, birds and plant life. Allow us to take you into the vastness of the African Interior and to provide you with the ultimate experience of our incredibly diverse and spectacular scenery, wildlife and people, whilst always ensuring that your safety, security, enjoyment and comfort remain our highest priority.


Our Mission is to ensure that our guests undertake a safe, informed and authentic Southern African travel experience to natural wilderness and urban areas with the express purpose of promoting the conservation of both our natural and cultural heritage.

We assist our guests in understanding the natural history of our diverse ecosystems as well as the rich cultural history of our people, whilst providing economic opportunities to other sectors that make an active involvement in the conservation of natural resources beneficial to our people.


Our Vision is to actively promote and support responsible and sustainable eco-cultural and wildlife projects and, in so doing, to strengthen an awareness of the fragility of our country and our planet by emphasising the pressing need for conservation on a global scale.

When touring with Eco-Tours SA, we want our guests to enjoy a unique and wonderful experience and contribute by becoming advocates of our vision to ensure that this dream will eventually become a tangible reality for all South Africans.