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On this Tour we introduce our Visitors to the heart of  Cape Town, also known as “The Mother City”, allowing us to orientate you as to the layout of the City Centre and surrounding areas. This includes Table Mountain, Signal Hill, Table Bay, District 6, the Malay Quarter, the Atlantic Sea-Board, Blouberg Beach and a host of other attractions that make Cape Town one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

After the discovery of the sea route to the East by Bartholomeu Dias in 1487 and the subsequent expansion in maritime trade with India and other exotic Eastern countries, Cape Town became a favoured stop-over in the long voyage with Table mountain as its unmistakeable landmark. Cape Town itself was established as a half-way station for the Dutch East India Company in 1652 and quickly gained a reputation as the “Tavern of the Seas”. Allow us to take you on an historical journey through the joys and sorrows that have shaped the formation of this cosmopolitan city into what it is today. From the Castle of Good Hope and Grand Parade, the Slave Lodge, the Company Gardens and Houses of Parliament through to the present day Townships, they all tell their story regarding the development of this city known as the “Gateway to Africa”. We will present Cape Town in all its diversity and are sure that you will find the experience both exciting and uplifting.

The Itinerary remains totally flexible to accommodate individual interests, be it in our History, Cultural History, Flora & Fauna, the scenic beauty of our City or any combination of these as shown in the highlights:

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