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The Township Cultural Experience is a Morning Only Tour, which can be linked to an optional tour of Robben Island in the afternoon if desired.

On this tour we introduce our Visitors to the dark side of “The Mother City”, and lead you through our volatile and often violent past and set this in contrast to the optimism that we have for the future. Any understanding of the present day conditions prevailing in South Africa is greatly enhanced by looking at the past legacy of the misery of slavery and the struggle to overthrow the abuses of the “apartheid” era. This is followed by a appraisal of the reconstruction and development initiatives under way at present and the hopes these hold for the future. 

The tour starts with a short City Tour, visiting the Bo-Kaap and picturesque Cape Malay Quarter. We visit the District 6 Living Museum to learn more about the more than 60 000 families that were forcibly removed from this once vibrant area between 1966 and 1982 because of Apartheid Policies. We go on to the sprawling Cape Flats Townships and, as guests of local community workers, we take a walk through these vibrant black communities and have the opportunity to meet the people, gain an insight into their way of life, and experience more about the different Cultures that make up these extensive settlements. As you shall see, these informal settlements are seeking their own solutions to economic survival. Against all odds, Township life prevails!

(As part of our many Community Initiatives, we donate 25% of the Profits of this Tour to Social Upliftment Projects within the Townships.)

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