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Ideally, the Robben Island Prison Tour is best appreciated if undertaken after our Cape Cultural Township Experience Tour.

This is a Group Tour and consists of a 30 minute ferry ride from the V & A Waterfront to Robben Island where you will be given a comprehensive guided Tour of the Island and its Prison facilities, usually conducted by Tour Guides who were political prisoners on the Island during the Apartheid Era.

The tour consists of two parts, the first being a guided bus excursion around the Island followed by a guided walking tour of the maximum security prison buildings.

The bus tour gives one a strong sense of Robben Island's windswept, lonely and strangely forlorn surroundings and stops off at several historical landmarks before retuning to the prison complex. This stark, forbidding centre housed many of the political prisoners who stood up against the Apartheid Regime that governed South Africa until 1990. The most prominent of these was Nelson Mandela, who spent about 17 years on the Island, but he remains one of the many who, true to their political beliefs, were held in this infamous Prison.

(NB: This Robben Island Prison tour is subject to prior Reservations and Bookings. However, if adverse weather conditions make it unsafe for the Ferry to operate, the tour will be cancelled.

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