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To fully experience the San culture and way of life, this tour visits the KHWA TTU San Culture and Education Centre on the Cape West Coast. Here guests are given a fascinating insight into the culture, heritage and  life of the San people of Southern Africa.

Qualified San Guides lead you through a truly exceptional experience during a three hour tour. The San guides will demonstrate their skills, share their  oral history, ancient knowledge on tracking animals and identifying plants and also enlighten you about recent achievements in obtaining their rights to land and intellectual property. The San guided experience provides a unique opportunity for you to discover the San people.

After a friendly welcome, Kwha ttu San Guides take you on a  tour in an a open  vehicle through the 850 hectare Nature Reserve, home to hundreds of indigenous plant species and a diversity of game including Eland, Zebra, Oryx, Bontebok, Springbok, etc. After this you follow your San guides on an easy nature walk and will amaze you with the wealth of knowledge they posses about hunting,  tracking and gathering. To appreciate that a San tracker is able to not only to identify the footprints and droppings of an animal but also determine its sex, age and overall condition is incredible.  

Finally, the Tour includes a visit to a traditional San village where one discovers more about San hunting traditions by observing the use of tools such as bows and arrows. The San guides demonstrate the customary distribution of  meat and regale you with astonishing hunters’ stories. The   age-old skills of the San women are presented in a demonstration of the usage of digging sticks and gathering bags as well as the production of ostrich eggshell jewellery. You will have the opportunity to use a bow and arrow, attempt to ignite a fire with sticks and finishing ostrich eggshell beads with a springbok horn, all under the expert tutelage of experienced San. The tour is rounded off with the guides’ description of some extraordinary aspects of the San’s social life, such as the healing power of the trance dance, the traditional egalitarian system of sharing resources and authentic accounts of San culture.

Your San hosts will finally accompany you to their beautifully designed Boma, constructed of natural materials. Nestled at the highest point on !Khwa ttu, you experience breathtaking views of Table Mountain to the south and the Langebaan Lagoon to the north. Relax and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of our treasured land while the guides introduce you to some of the San languages.

This tour is a unique experience which will leave you with a treasured and most memorable impression of a people truly still in tune with nature.

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