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The International Ecotourism SocietyWe at Eco-tours SA agree with the International Ecotourism Society definition that ecotourism is responsible travel to natural areas, that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people and we undertake to adhere to the principles of ecotourism as outlined below:

• Minimize impact 
• Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect
• Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts
• Provide direct financial benefits for conservation
• Provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people
• Raise sensitivity to host countries' political, environmental, and social climate


This is an activity that has great appeal for the more adventurous amongst us! It entails descending steep cliffs using one or more ropes together with a friction device to safely control ones’ rate of descent. Although it is regarded as a low risk sport , the companies we use are very carefully evaluated as to the experience and qualifications of the instructors as well as their safety consciousness.

So, face your fear and join us for an abseil down some steep
rocky faces and experience the adrenalin rush!

We will either pick you up from your hotel / guest house for this activity and drop you off afterwards or you can include it as part of one of our other day tours. Costs include transport, abseiling and mineral water. You need rubber-soled athletic shoes, comfortable clothing and sun block.

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Southern Africa is home to an incredible diversity of birdlife and is one of the most exciting birding destinations in the world. The vast number of habitats each has its own surprises and the whole truly constitutes a birders’ paradise.

Eco-tours SA considers birders ecotourists of a very high standard! Most are concerned about the environment, relatively well informed on environmental issues and anxious about our impacts on nature.  We all appreciate nature, natural areas and the fundamental intricacies associated with wildlife conservation so, please join us for an experience of a lifetime and allow us to facilitate your entry into the exciting world of Southern African Birding.

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We promote Avitourism throughout the region and are supported by a large number of birder friendly organisations offering everything you may need including qualified and experienced field guides, access to birding hiking trails and sites, birding checklists, maps and so on. Whatever your requirements may be, we offer a variety of customized, all-inclusive tours to suit your schedule and pocket.

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Canoeing in South AfricaThere are a great number of waterways and, of course, thousands of kilometres of coastline just waiting for you to explore and enjoy  them. Venues vary from tumultuous seas and white water rapids to relaxing placid paddles along lengthy stretches stunning natural beauty. There are few things in life that are as exciting and enjoyable.

As with all activities requiring your physical input, we can assure you that the companies we support are all very strictly vetted with regards to safety, the quality of their equipment and that the Instructors / Guides are all well qualified and experienced. All the white-water excursions are run in accordance within the African Paddling Association (APA) River Safety Code and Code of Practice and each
participant is subjected to a detailed safety briefing prior to each trip. Participants need not have any experience but must not be afraid of getting wet or floating in swift water buoyed up by a life jacket.

All you need to do is tell us where you would like to go and what level of water difficulty you want to experience and we will tailor-make a package to fulfil your dreams.

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If you are into the sport of caving then Southern Africa has numerous venues to accommodate you. It is, in fact a sport that is fast gaining in popularity world wide given the thrilling excitement of discovering the mostly hidden wonders of caves.

Eco-Tours SA supports only responsible caving and consequently our focus is informing all our caver clients on safety and caving with the least negative impact on the strikingly beautiful rock formations that have grown over millions of years. The tours we offer are all inclusive and guided by professionals. Please note that bookings need to be made well in advance. 

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South Africa HikingSouthern Africa boasts a vast variety of exquisite and spectacularly rugged beauty which are such a pleasure to explore on foot. Hiking in South Africa is sure to be an unforgettable experience. offering spectacularly different scenery including miles of deserted beaches, wave-lashed rocks and tropical forests - all making for a stimulating Southern African hiking experience.

The Western Cape offers the most varied and interesting concentration of hiking trails in the world. Admire mystical mountain ranges including the renowned Table Mountain and the Cedar-berg whilst discovering the indigenous fauna and flora, blossoming wine farms and vineyards, lush forests, waterfalls, craggy cliffs and beautiful sandy beaches.

Besides the panoramic views, stunning waterfalls, indigenous forests and magnificent escarpments, many of the hiking trails expose you to an immense new world of culture and history.

As you travel you will meet the local people along the way and discover their way of life. Many of the hiking trails also pass by archaeological sites with Stone or Iron Age remains as well as exquisite rock art in places.

Then,  of course, there are the thrilling options of guided hikes in the game parks that cater for this. All you need to carry is a day pack with lunch, water, binoculars and camera and religiously follow the instructions of your field guide who is a professional, highly experienced and most knowledgeable as regards the game, flowers, trees, birds and bugs. One of the opening statements he will make is: “Whatever you do, don’t run!”

So why not take time out to breathe in the fresh African air and treat yourself to an experience of a life-time. Eco-Tours SA offers a great variety of options to suit you schedule and finances.

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Mountain Biking in South AfricaMountain biking as a sport has mushroomed incredibly over the past few decades and many South Africans participate whole-heartedly. Every weekend thousands of enthusiasts mount their bike racks on their vehicles and head out to enjoy their sport in some of the most beautiful areas in the world.

Southern Africa may be considered an endless playground for the serious mountain biker! There are gruelling climbs and jarring down hills designed to test your technical skills and assure you of a sensational mountain biking workout.

There is a vast network of mountain biking trails in the region varying from easy to highly challenging, ranging from cool and shady forestry trails to serious rocky routes in some of the most awesome mountain terrain imaginable. This adds another dimension to your holiday in Southern Africa.

If this is what you do, we can offer you an enormous variety of locations with mountain bikes for hire and can structure any package to suit your specific  needs.

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Hot Air ballooningHot air ballooning in South Africa is possibly the best way to have a bird’s eye-view of the landscapes of this beautiful country. Floating high above the ground, you have a spectacular, uninterrupted view of the gorgeous countryside below. Hot air ballooning is a somewhat magical experience and one of the oldest forms of flight known to man. Nowadays tailored to meet the needs of the public, hot air ballooning in South Africa has become a highly sought after activity.

A hot air balloon trip will usually begin just before sunrise. You’ll gently lift off the ground to a height of approximately 10-20m and leisurely float along with the wind. At this height you’re able to have a glorious view of the sunrise as well as keep on the lookout for animals on the ground below. The panorama that unfolds before you leaves many speechless as they behold the sunrise across the horizon. It’s a glorious experience that will leave you with a mellow memory for ever after.

Ballooning is incredibly tranquil and is thus ideal for people of all ages. Hot air ballooning in certain areas is an all-year-round activity because of the generally good weather conditions that prevail throughout the year. However, in other areas hot air balloon flights are seasonal  because of unfavourable weather conditions.

You can expect to spend about 4 or 5 hours out with us from the time of arrival. The actual hot air balloon flight will last approximately an hour and most hot air ballooning companies will close off your ballooning experience with a champagne breakfast once you’re back on terra firma. Due to the popularity of hot air ballooning in South Africa, its vital that you book at least 2 weeks before you wish to do it.

Because of belonging’s reliance on the weather, most bookings are provisional until a few days before the event to ensure that the weather is ideal for your journey. The most popular hot air balloon trips are flown in the Magaliesberg (near Johannesburg), Sabie and Hazyview in Mpumalanga, in Oudtshoorn (in the Karoo), in the Drakensberg and Natal Midlands (KwaZulu Natal) and during the summer months, (September to March) in the Cape Winelands.

So if taking in stunning scenery in a perfectly tranquil setting is your idea of spending an afternoon, then make a plan to enjoy all the wonders that hot air ballooning in South Africa has to offer.

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International Yacht Race starts in Cape TownSouthern Africa is blessed with thousands of kilometres of coastline with azure blue seas, golden beaches and stunning cliffs and rocky promontories. Bear away and soak up the sun and subject yourself to the incredible sights and experiences in an encounter of a lifetime that cannot be missed.

Most South African commercial yachting establishments won’t require any input from you on the yacht and thus you’re able to sit back and relax and enjoy the ride. Moving quickly over large ocean swells, rising and falling over each wave, is a wonderful feeling - providing you don’t get sea sick! Manned by trained professionals, you will be taken on a memorable ride along the beautiful South African coastline.

With the wide variety of marine life off the shores of South Africa, you are sure to spot dolphins, schools of fish, seals, penguins and perhaps even some whales in season. and arrange to enjoy one of the many awesome South African yachting experiences available to the public. An Eco-Tours SA speciality.

South African yachting allows awesome opportunities to snorkel and scuba dive. Getting to unique locations on a yacht means you can discover the mystical kelp forests and wrecks and swim with gorgeous tropical fish and corals. Invite your friends and family and spend your holiday sailing around the picturesque South African coast.

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